Revell-P-38 in 1/32 Scale Top View

This was my 1984 attempt at sprucing up the venerable Revell 1/32nd scale P-38 Lightning. Initially I just wanted to get a feel for 1/32 aircraft detailing by updating a very barebones kit. Because it was more an experiment than anything, I didn’t document the construction very well.

Revell 1/32 P-38 Lightning Kit

The cockpit was all scratch built and the canopy was vacuum-formed. Landing gears and wheels were machined brass. The tires and spinners were machined acrylic. Turbochargers were rebuilt with brass machinings and acrylic stock. Gun tubes were turned from aluminum. Gear doors were re-skinned with aluminum sheet. The “Angel” was hand lettered.

P-38 Modified Turbocharger cutout
P-38 Modified Turbocharger

Due to unforeseen circumstances, and despite the location being almost in my backyard, it was a last minute trip to the 1986 IPMS National Convention.  Out of guilt for showing up empty handed, I took the P-38.