Building the Revell Monogram A-26 Invader

This kit originally made its appearance in 1993 as an A-26C under the Monogram label. However in 1986 Monogram and Revell had already merged to form Revell-Monogram, and the engraving on the kit indicates Revell-Monogram. Later, the A-26B variant was issued under the Pro-Modeler label. Since then, the kit has been reissued under various labels and at the time of this writing, the A-26B kit has been reissued by Revell Germany.

Whether the result of the merger or the influence of the Odyssey Partners Investment Group ownership, many agree this was not one of Monograms best efforts. However, notwithstanding a failed attempt to replace it with a much more expensive but equally flawed new kit from an odd company known as Must Have, the Monogram A-26 has soldiered on as the only viable A-26 kit in 1/48th scale. Despite the fact that I had collected a number of the kits over the years, I had never gotten around to actually building one ... or at least completing one. And that’s the problem, it’s easy to get buried in the weeds with a kit that has fit and accuracy issues ... agonizing over how to correct everything and turn it into a masterpiece ... and in the end, losing interest. Do this over and over again and you lose interest in modeling. This short series of videos shows my favorite approach to building a model from a less than perfect kit and, in the process, increase my enjoyment ... reminding myself why this hobby has held my interest for so many years.

For me ... one of the best ways to maintain my perspective is to frequently build something as simply as I can ... focusing on overall shape ... and not get distracted by the small bits that we all seem to obsess over ... I try and keep any modifications to nothing that feels too complicated or involved ... maybe try out a new technique or material ... but most of all ... make sure it stays fun by maintaining the connection to my original vision ...

Building the Revell Monogram A-26 Invader Video Series
Various Boxings of the Revell Monogram A-26 Kit